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Cinema Politica Presents “The House I Live In”

Sunday, April 6, 2014
07:30 PM

The Centre of Gravity
1300 Gerrard St. East (just east of Greenwood)
Cinema Politica Danforth – A project of the Toronto-Danforth NDP

The House I Llve InSynopsis

As America remains embroiled in overseas conflict, a less visible war is taking place at home, costing countless lives, destroying families, and inflicting untold damage on future generations of Americans. For over forty years, the War on Drugs has accounted for 45 million arrests, made America the world’s largest jailer, and damaged poor communities at home and abroad. Yet for all that, drugs are cheaper, purer, and more available today than ever before.

Filmed in more than twenty states and shortlisted for the 2013 Academy Award for Best Documentary, The House I Live In captures a definitive and heart-wrenching portrait of individuals at all levels of America’s War on Drugs. From the dealer to the grieving mother, the narcotics officer to the senator, the inmate to the federal judge, the film offers a penetrating look inside America’s longest war, revealing its profound human rights implications.

Post-film discussion

Chaired by Steve Solomon, Court Liaison with Drug Treatment Court and Co-Chair of the Toronto-Danforth NDP Policy and Activism Committee.

Discussion panelists will be Dan Werb, a research scientist and policy analyst in drug policy, HIV and addictions, Laura Day, a social worker in the Toronto Drug Treatment Court at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, and David Lucas, an addiction therapist for the Toronto Drug Treatment Court at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

This film screening is free or pay-what-you-can.

Cinema Politica Presents “5 Broken Cameras”

Inspiring, devastating and exquisite, this doc is part home movie, part resistance journal, part memorial and part impossible collaboration.

Synopsis and trailer

Sunday, November 3, 2013
07:30 PM

The Centre of Gravity
1300 Gerrard St. East (just east of Greenwood)
Cinema Politica Danforth – A project of the Toronto Danforth NDP

With a discussion led by:

  • Joan MacNeil, Senior Policy Analyst with Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East
  • Mark Arnold, Lawyer representing the Palestinian Village of Bil’in
  • Hosted and chaired by Craig Scott, MP for Toronto Danforth

FREE or Pay-What-You-Can

Cinema Politica Presents “The Trotsky”

The Revolution Begins in High School

Leon Bronstein (Jay Baruchel) is not your average Montreal West high school student. He wants to change the world. Like most high schoolers, Leon is having an identity crisis and believes he is the reincarnation of Soviet thinker Leon Trotsky and is predestined to follow the same path as his namesake. Tackling issues from students’ rights to semi-formal dances, this “revolutionary” comedy will have you united in laugher.

Hosted by City Youth Councillor Ali Chatur

Special discussants: Krista Hunt and Michael Alex Teachers and hosts of Teach Learn Change, a program to transform education by engaging in the politics of our lives within and beyond the classroom. Jason Kunin Activist in the Quebec students Maple Spring demonstrations of 2012.

Sunday, October 6
7:30pm – 10:00 pm
Centre of Gravity, 1300 Gerrard St. E
(at Greenwood Ave)


Cinema Politica Danforth Presents “The Hole Story”

Hole-StoryCinema Politica Danforth, a project of the Toronto Danforth NDP, presents a free screening of The Hole Story, a skewering analysis of the ways in which Canadian mining companies have put profit before people and the environment.

Following the film, join our discussion panelists for Q&As.

  • Susana Caxaj, Mining Watch Canada and doing her doctorate on the impact of mining mega-projects on the indigenous people of Guatemala.
  • Patrick Veinot, United Steelworkers Strategic Campaigns Department and former miner from the Vale mine in Sudbury.

The Centre of Gravity, 1300 Gerarrd St. East (Gerrard and Greenwood)
Friday, June 7, 2013 at 7:30 to 10pm

Admission is FREE but free-will donations are greatly appreciated.

Cinema Politica Presents “Last Train Home”

Last Train Home is a film about migrant workers and the dramatic changes sweeping China. Every spring, China’s cities are plunged into chaos as 130 million migrant workers
journey to their home villages for the New Years holiday.

A Canada/China co-production – 2009 – 87 mins
In Mandarin and Sichuan dialect with English subtitles

Followed by a discussion with Craig Scott, MP for Toronto-Danforth, and Manna Wong, Assistant to MPP Peter Tabuns.

Friday, February 1st – 7:30-10PM
at The Centre of Gravity,  1300 Gerrard St. East
(just east of Greenwood)

A FREE screening presented by
Cinema Politica Danforth – a project of the Toronto Danforth NDP
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Cinema Politica Presents “Diversidad”

Our next screening is Diversidad, a documentary about a group of young Canadians who got on their bikes to raise awareness about the impacts of the WTO, but results in a journey that lifts the veil of youthful idealism. To be followed by a discussion led by:  Romeo Tello, City Youth Councillor – Ward 30, and Madeleine Fast, Federal Secretary of the TD-NDP Riding Association and member of the Youth Committee.
7:30pm at The Centre of Gravity
1300 Gerrard St. East
(just east of Greenwood)

We wish you a festive and happy holiday season! Happy New Year! 🙂