Your financial contribution helps to build a strong NDP. With your support, the party can stand up for the issues that matter to you and our community.

NOTE: Federal and Provincial Donations benefit from two different tax-credit regimes. You receive Federal tax credits for donations to the Federal NDP and also separate Provincial credits for donations to the Ontario NDP.

OPTION 1 – Federal – Canada’s NDP

Remember, because of generous tax credits, donating is easy and affordable. For example, for donations to the Federal NDP:

  • If you give $400 in a given year, you get back a 75% refund.
  • If you give $750, you get back $475.
  • If you give the maximum $1,650, you get back $650.

→ Donate to the Toronto–Danforth Federal NDP online.

Or, send a cheque payable to the “Toronto-Danforth Federal NDP Riding Association” to:
Toronto-Danforth Federal NDP
c/o Paul Roppolo, Treasurer
61 Coady Ave.
Toronto, ON M4M 2Y9

You can also ask questions by e-mail.

OPTION 2 – Provincial – Ontario NDP

→ Donate to the Toronto–Danforth Ontario NDP online.

The Ontario credits and limits are separate and somewhat different than Federal.

  • If you give $35, you get back $26.25 at tax time.
  • If you give $100, you get back $75.00.
  • If you give $500,  you get back $356.75.
  • If you give $750, you get back $481.75.
  • If you give $1,000, you get back $606.75.
  • If you give $3,300, you get back $1,423.00.

Provincially, the maximum an individual can donate to the riding association in 2020 is $3,300.

Provincial donations for the riding can also be made by cheque. Cheques should be made out to either “Toronto–Danforth Ontario New Democratic Party or if that is too much to fit on the pay-to line then they can be made out to Ontario New Democratic Party with a note of the memo line referencing Toronto–Danforth and mailed directly to:
Ontario NDP
2069 Lakeshore Blvd. West, Suite #201
Toronto, ON M8V 3Z4

Detailed information on provincial tax credits is available on the Ontario Ministry of Finance site.