Do I live in the Toronto–Danforth Riding?

Find out if you live in the Toronto–Danforth Riding. For riding maps and electoral district profiles you can visit:

How can I get involved?

There are three key ways you can get involved and help to make the NDP a stronger, more representative party:

1. Join – Help make the party stronger with your membership. Keep up-to-date with political issues, news, updates and events by signing up for party newsletters available on the Ontario NDP and Canada’s NDP websites. Also, sign up for the riding association’s monthly e-newsletter for updates from your community.

2. Volunteer – Volunteers are vital during election campaigns. Show your support by taking a window or lawn sign. If you have extra time, volunteer to call supporters or pound the pavement and canvas for your local representative. Get in touch with your local campaign office to find out where they need help. Between elections contact the riding association or constituency office about volunteer opportunities.

3. Donate – Your financial contribution helps to build a vibrant NDP. With your support, the party can stand up for the issues that matter to you and our communities. More information on how you can donate.

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