Debate Watching Party at the Fox & Fiddle

Leaders’ Debate Watching Party in Toronto-Danforth

Join Craig Scott, MP and your fellow Toronto-Danforth NDPers for a debate watching party at the Fox and Fiddle on the Danforth.

The first televised Federal Leaders’ Debate is sponsored by Maclean’s Magazine and will feature poll-leading Tom Mulcair and the other three party leaders. Join the crowd and watch on the big screen as Canada tunes in to see Tom in action.

Pub snacks provided!
Suggested donation $10 or pay-what-you-can at the door.

“Double Standards” A live production of Smile Theatre

In celebration of Seniors’ Month,  Peter Tabuns MPP is presenting:

“Double Standards”

A live production of the Smile TheatreSmile Theatre

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CATASTROIKA Privatization goes public

CATASTROIKA: Privatization goes public

What happens when public assets are shifted to private hands?
CATASTROIKA gathers evidence in London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow and Rome.
It shows the impact of such austerity on democracy in Greece.

Followed by a discussion with:

  • Randy Robinson, Political Economist, OPSEU
  • and Peter Tabuns, MPP
  • Hosted by Mary Fragedakis, City Councillor

CATASTROIKA was the term coined to describe the transfer of state assets to private hands
following the collapse of the Soviet Union. In Yeltsins time, when Russia instituted maybe
the biggest and least successful privatization experiment in the history of humanity,
Catastroika conveyed the country’s complete destruction by market forces; the sell off of
public property; and the steep deterioration of citizens living standards. Catastroika was
measured in unemployment, social impoverishment, declining life expectancy, as well as
the creation of a new cast of oligarchs, who took over the country’s reins.

Catastroika is a virus that attacks not only the countries that radically change their
economic system (like Russia) or countries under financial occupation. In fact, privatization can strike the financial superpowers that theoretically have the financial strength to control their negative consequences.

Catastroika can be spotted in post-Thatcherite Britain, where citizens were killed in accidents at the privatized rail network. It can be detected in the Dutch privatized and liberalized postal sector, where  thousands of jobs have been cut, It can be detected even in California, which left her citizens in the dark when it deregulated the energy market.

However, its consequences are the gravest and most frightening at countries which fell in the trap  of foreign lenders and are obliged to proceed to mass privatization. The public property sell-off which takes place in Greece has been tried several times in similar circumstances. The same people,  who undertook the selling of public utilities in Latin American countries, now have moved their office in countries of the European periphery.

The procedure always follows exactly the same steps: In the beginning, the government, in collaboration with mass media, starts a forceful attack against public servants, who are presented as responsible for all the country’s financial woes. The myth of the overextended public sector is often based on  manipulated data from organizations supported and supporting the government of the time. Concurrently, specific public organizations are deliberately left unsupported, exasperating citizens  due to their inefficiency. The process is completed by the sell-off of even the most profitable public organizations at a fraction of their real value.

Slavoj Zizek, Naomi Klein, Luis Sepulveda, Ken Loach and Greg Palast talk about the austerity measures,  the Greek government as well as the attack against Democracy on Europe, after the general spreading of the financial crisis. Dani Rodrik, Alex Callinicos, Ben Fine, Costas Douzinas, Dean Baker and  Aditya Chakrabortty present unknown aspects of the privatization programs in Greece and abroad.


Red Square on a Blackboard

Cinema Politica Danforth invites you to a free screening of RED SQUARE ON A BLACKBOARD, taking us to the heart of 2012 Quebec student strikes to oppose tuition hikes.

Followed by a discussion about the impact of government austerity on youth around the world with:
» Roxanne Dubois, UNIFOR organizer
» Christian Pepin, activist involved in the 2012 strike
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Hydro One Privatization Public Forum

Selling off Ontario’ s largest public asset? Join with host Peter Tabun, MPP and the community for a public forum. Craig Scott, MP, will also be speaking.

In the second floor auditorium.

Cinema Politica Presents “The Great Canadian Tax Dodge”

Join us for a free screening of THE GREAT CANADIAN TAX DODGE, which examines tax avoidance and the birth of the Canadian Tax Fairness movement.

Followed by a discussion with:

  • Robin Benger, the film’s director
  • Dennis Howlett of Canadians for Tax Fairness
  • Kelly Bowden of Oxfam Canada
  • Craig Scott, MP for Toronto–Danforth
  • Moderated by Councillor Paula Fletcher

Screening is FREE but donations will be gratefully accepted.
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Public Meeting on Disability Services and Law

Are you and your family concerned about legal resources for Ontarians with Disabilities?

Peter Tabuns, MPP, is hosting a public meeting along with guest speaker Dianne Wintermute, Staff Lawyer ARCH Disability Law Centre.

Get information and learn about your rights on:

  • Access to Justice and Legal Capacity
  • Services for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities
  • Education Law
  • Attendant Services

Wednesday, April 22, 2015 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

WoodGreen Health & Wellness Centre
721 Broadview Ave., Lower Level (south of Danforth Ave.)

Download a flyer for the event

Mobile Community Office: Meet with Peter Tabuns, MPP

Peter will be holding mobile offices in addition to regular office hours so that he has more opportunities to speak to you individually. Please come and discuss any concerns you may have regarding provincial programs and services. Meeting with constituents in the community and talking about your issues is important to Peter.

PeterTabunsSpeakingMeeting_20140914MOBILE COMMUNITY OFFICE hours on Saturday, April 11, 2015:

  • 10 am – 12 noon at S. Walter Stewart Library, Meeting Room 170 Memorial Park Avenue
  • 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm at Gerrard Square, 2nd Floor 1000 Gerrard St. East

Cinema Politica Danforth Presents “Highway of Tears” on March 27

Highway of Tears chronicles the notorious, decades-long string of murders and disappearances of young Indigenous women along British Columbia’s Highway 16.

The film explores how this systemic violence is linked to the effects of generational poverty, residential schools, and high unemployment rates on First Nations reserves.

Since the late 1960s, at least 18 young women — many of them from disadvantaged First Nations communities — have disappeared or been found murdered along the 724-kilometre stretch of Highway 16 in northern British Columbia. None of these cold cases were ever solved until 2012, when a special RCMP investigation was able to link DNA from one of the murder victims to deceased US criminal Bobby Jack Fowler; but this single answer has done little to heal the wounds of Aboriginal communities who have seen dozens of their young women vanish along the “Highway of Tears,” victims not only of murderous predators but of the systemic racism of a federal government that keeps them trapped on impoverished reservations and, as critics charge, evinced little interest in apprehending their killers.

Narrated by Nathan Fillion, Highway of Tears not only movingly relates the personal stories of the victims and their families, but investigates how the legacy of generational poverty, high unemployment and endemic violence in their communities contributed to their tragic fates — and how contemporary First Nations leaders are striving to cure those ills.

March 27, 2015
7:30 pm

Metropolitian Community Church of Toronto
115 Simpson Ave
In Riverdale, one block north of Gerrard, one block west of Logan

Followed by a discussion with:

Niki Ashton, MP for Churchill, NDP Aboriginal Affairs Critic, formerly Women’s Affairs Critic

Darlene King, Literacy Coordinator,The Native Women’’s Resource Centre of Toronto

Matt Smiley, Director of Highway of Tears

Hosted and Moderated by

Craig Scott, Member of Parliament for Toronto Danforth

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Cinema Politica Danforth Presents “DISRUPTION” on Feb. 27

“When it comes to climate change,
why do we do so little when we know so much?”

Join us for a free screening of the doc DISRUPTION, an unflinching look at the consequences of our inaction on climate change. Followed by a discussion with Vanessa Gray—an Anishinaabe kwe land defender—and MPP Peter Tabuns, moderated by MP Craig Scott.

February 27, 2015

St. John’s Presbyterian Church
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